Traditional Yoga

Traditional Yoga Group Class Schedule 2019 - led by Dale Guthrie

  • Monday 17:00 (60 minutes) (6 week beginner series starting 21 January 2019)

  • Monday 18:15 (60 minutes)

  • Tuesday 17:30 (75 minutes) (6 week beginner series starting 05 March 2019)

  • Wednesday 5:30am (60 minutes)

  • Thursday 5:45am (60 minutes)

  • Thursday 17:45 (75 minutes)

Holism Health's traditional yoga offers vinyasa style yoga classes infused with Dale Guthrie's flair gained from her medical knowledge, gymnastic background, adaptive yoga trainings and advanced studies in the dharmakaya® Yoga philosophy. This style of yoga embodies the physical practice of yoga together with its philosophical elements - an essential aspect of yoga that is often forgotten or over looked. We aim to enhance our students ability to more effectively observe their own bodies, thoughts and feelings, which leads to a greater understanding, acceptance and ultimately love of their own lives. 

Five key anchors encapsulate the philosophy not just for yoga, but for living. These include:

Insight: It’s only when we observe ourselves without judgement that we can bring unconscious habits that no longer serve us into our field of awareness. Only once we have done that, can we begin to change and shape the lives we want. 

Authenticity: We need to develop the courage to be completely authentic in not only our decisions and what we do with our lives, but more importantly, in the way we communicate with others. This leads to creative, authentic and liberating expression. 

Responsibility: We are the ones ultimately responsible for our lives. What happens and how we choose to respond to all situations. It’s about taking ourselves out the blaming habit (being a powerless victim) and rather empowering ourselves with ultimate responsibility. But then, also understanding that the whole world is not within our control and finding the balance between the two. 

Paradoxes: This anchor is about acknowledging that we are not just one thing at one time. It’s about starting to see the world in its many wonderful and colourful contradictions, and that starts with ourselves. Accepting that we can be many things at the same time. Understanding that nothing is wholly bad or wholly good. Appreciating the fluctuating nature of good things gone bad and bad things turning good. The Yin and Yang symbol is a very good representation of this. 

Belief in Self: This idea goes against the idea of following a guru or dogmatic system blindly. It's about cultivating a deeply personal belief in one's relationship to self and to consciousness/a higher power. Realising that while others inspire us along our path, no one else possesses the power to do it for us.

You can expect to find the following elements in each yoga class:

Pranyama: Breathing exercises practiced alone and in conjunction with movement are used as a purifying tool. This has a detoxifying and uplifting effect on the body and mind. Breathing is futher used as a way to truly feel the more subtle, energetic aspects of the practice - the flow of prana.

Movement and Stillness: A combination of flowing movement as well as an opportunity to be still and 'feel'. Both elements are essential for experiencing that in us which changes and transforms, and that in us, which is forever constant, and without change.

Energy Work: You will learn how to use prana (our vital life force) in a way that encourages deeper experiences of the nature of the mind and that which is beyond the mind. We all have prana but we don’t all know how to cultivate, protect and channel it properly. Prana follows consciousness more than it follows breath. 

Mindfulness Meditation: The whole purpose of practicing yoga asana (the physical poses) is to prepare us for meditation. It is only through stillness that we can gain access to greater awareness and a deeper, more fulfilling experience of life – not only on the yoga mat, but in our life. 

Philosophical Element: You will be exposed to both the ancient and modern philosophy of yoga. Thought that has been handed down from ancient lineages as well as by modern mystics. Thought that is both uplifting and helpful in our everyday lives. 

These yoga groups are a great way to deepen your yoga practice no matter what your reason or goal is. The intimate nature of the classes provides opportunity for the teacher to gain a sound understanding of her students and to focus on their individual needs in relation to physical, mental and spiritual growth. The yoga group classes are suitable for beginner through to advanced practitioners.

Please note that these groups are not suitable for new adaptive yoga students, for adaptive yoga classes please contact us.

Rates For Traditional Yoga Group Classes 2019

  • 10 class pass - R800 (valid for 5 months)

  • 5 class pass - R450 (valid for 3 months)

  • Single class - R150

Private Sessions

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If you are seeking a bespoke yoga experience, working with an old/recurring injury or simply want to gain a deeper understanding of yoga, then private sessions are for you. These sessions are specifically designed to meet the needs and goals of the student. Given Dale's health background, much attention is given to form, alignment and an enhanced understanding of your body (spiritual, mental and physical anatomy) to develop a sound foundation from which to grow - transforming your practice safely and decreasing the risk of injury. 

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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training 

An innovative and unique approach to teacher training brought to you by Cherryl Duncan and Dale Guthrie in Johannesburg, 18 January to 31 March 2019.

This course will be in the format of a blended learning experience. 

To find out more about this exciting training, click here

If you are interested or have any queries please email or 


About Cherryl Duncan 

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Cherryl Duncan is based in Munich, Germany and is the founder of dharmakaya® Yoga. To find out more about Cherryl Duncan and dharmakaya® Yoga go to website or read her book Magnificently Real.