K. Rawson (left) - 20 year old Female living with incomplete paraplegia.

K. Rawson (left) - 20 year old Female living with incomplete paraplegia.

“after my spinal cord injury, I started doing yoga”

After my spinal cord injury I started doing yoga with Dale. I have gained so much strength. Dale has helped me with my technique and given me the tools to use in my self practice and in group classes. With Dale's help, I have managed to achieve a lot of the goals I had set for myself and am now working on becoming even stronger. 

— K. Rawson / adaptive yoga student

“breathes encouragement and self belief”

My sister and I have just started with Dale and absolutely love her classes!! She is tough and takes quite a hard line with you but this breathes encouragement and self-belief into one’s session. It helps one reach goals at an incredible place. I highly recommend Dale as a very competent yoga teacher.

— L. Wilkinson / traditional yoga student

“more aware of my posture and use of my hemiparetic arm”

Six weeks ago marks the start of my adaptive yoga journey with Dale. I am not more aware of my posture and use of my hemiparetic arm which it had become a habit to ignore. The worthwhile improvement achieved in these few weeks under Dale's caring, professional approach encourages me that my physical restrictions are actually undefined. I have happily recommended dale to other friends living with disabilities and look forward to future progress

“nurturing environment”

Such a special and nurturing environment to practice in. Very grateful to our teacher Dale for guiding us. The individual attention has been especially appreciated by the less experienced/less co-ordinated, such as myself

— S. Kruger / traditional yoga student

— Mrs C. / adaptive yoga student

“definitely one of the best”

I cant wait for Monday evenings so I can get to yoga with Dale. The classes are always challenging yet manageable allowing you to push as far as you can go. Always happy and vibrant, Dale is definitely one of the best

— L. Carter / traditional yoga student

“leads by example”

A good teacher inspires, has endless patience and leads by example. One lives to leave the world a better place than one finds it. Holism yoga is one of the places I have found that challenges me to grow in all aspects and find peace to make a difference every time I leave class.

— J. Hayward / traditional yoga student

“no better place to practice”

There really is no better place to practice yoga. Small classes with an incredible teacher allow for more specified instructions from Dale who always makes classes interesting, fun and challenging!

— J. Landey / traditional yoga student

“constantly challenged”

I look forward to my weekly classes at Holism Yoga where I'm constantly challenged both physically and mentally. After every class, I feel revitalized and ready to go back out into the world with new energy. Dale is a true inspiration to anyone aspiring to master the art of becoming a Yogi!

Z. mc Clarty / traditional yoga student

“vigorous, challenging, playful, meditative”

I am so happy I found Holism Yoga, Dale is a very gifted yoga teacher. She knows how to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable. She knows when to be funny, when help is needed and when to move into a new direction. Her classes are vigorous, challenging, playful, meditative, and relaxing all at the same time. Dale has the physical know-how to pull you in and keep you safe. To the newbie’s who are nervous and don’t know where to start, Dale is *exactly* the person to show you just how amazing this practice can be… no matter who you are or what you want out of it.

— S. Cross / traditional yoga student