Neurological Occupational Therapy Services

Holism Health offers out-patient, adult and paediatric neurological occupational therapy services. The aim is to maximise independence in all aspects of daily functioning and ultimately, improve quality of life. 

Brain and spinal cord injuries are common neurological disorders, often resulting in severe and long-term disability that have profound consequences at a personal, familial and societal level.  Holism Health aims to support the rehabilitation process, helping those affected adapt to their new way of life. For some, this may mean supporting a hospital discharge or adapting a new property and sourcing relevant equipment to maximise independence. For others, the focus may be on community activities, daily routine, fatigue management, cognitive function or facilitating return to work.

    Services include, but are not limited to: 

    • Assessment to establish base line function and change over time 
    • Treatment of all neurological conditions
    • Upper extremity rehabilitation: motor relearning and tenodesis training 
    • Assessment and treatment of functional activities: daily living activities, homemaking, writing, typing, functional cognition, community re-integration 
    • Assessment and instruction in adaptive/assistive equipment 
    • Assessment and recommendation in wheelchair and equipment 
    • Facilitate improved independence in wheelchair mobility and transfers
    • Cognitive assessments and treatment 
    • Return to driving screening: visual-perceptual skills, memory/cognitive skills, speed of reaction, physical functioning, understanding of traffic signs and road regulation 
    • Facilitation of the return to driving process if/when applicable
    • Upper extremity splinting evaluation and fabrication 
    • Caregiver training and home program development 
    • Home visit: evaluation and recommendation for home adaptation(s)

    The above services are targeted at individuals with a variety of neuromuscular disorders and diseases who may have limitations in any of the following areas:

    • Strength / motor control 
    • Fine motor control 
    • Balance and coordination 
    • Muscular / cardiovascular endurance 
    • Flexibility / range of motion 
    • Activities of daily living 
    • Perceptual skills 
    • Cognitive processing / integration 
    • Sensory processing / integration 
    • Movement strategies

    Examples of such diagnoses include: 

    • Spinal Cord Injury 
    • Stroke 
    • Brain Injury 
    • Guillian Barre Syndrome
    • Parkinson’s Disease 
    • Multiple Sclerosis 
    • Brain Tumor 
    • Cerebral Palsy
    • Muscular Dystrophy / ALS 
    • Chronic Illnesses